Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Influence of Coffee for Health

In the year 1685, dr. Philippe Sylvestre find chemical substances-substances in coffee and accurately test it in humans. From there he concluded, there are people who can enjoy coffee with the convenience, there is not. In fact, he found there a small number of people who even sleep more soundly after drinking coffee because coffee beans eliminate fear and restlessness

During 25 years of intensive research, there are no qualified health and nutrition food that can be proved scientifically the connection between coffee berkafein the birthrate, including the birth of a disabled

A study written in mention some experts psychiatry, allergy specialist and toxic substances, toxicology, substance caffeine menengarai potential cause symptoms of mental illness. 80% people of the world population consume caffeine, and 25% of them have diagnosed mental disturbances. For a psychiatrist, caffeine can be the enemy number one, because it is identical with the causes of restlessness, stress, depression, and schizophrenia

From the research, led by Monami Inoue of the National Cancer Center Tokyo against Japan's 90,000 people, that coffee consumption reduce the risk of cancer up to half-hearted

A result of research on men and 6000 women were reported by Framingham Heart Study indicates that there is no consistent relationship between drinking coffee with a degree koleseterol that boast

Research conducted by dr. Walter Willet and colleagues from the Harvard School of Public Health says there is no consistent relationship between caffeine Feed with heart attack and stroke.

Initially, researchers from John Hopkins to get, from research in 1994 established the connection between coffee consumption and increased risk of heart disease. However, the increased risk was mainly occurred in the pattern of drinking coffee before the year 1975 - in which the year before the mid-70's, the United States has not been the drip coffee machine so that coffee consumption is not filtered.

According to the results of research conducted by the University of Sao Paulo Brazil, concluded that caffeine is able to stimulate cells in the body of men's sperm, so that someone can increase fertility. The core of the study concluded that the sperm kulaity coffee drinker more healthy sperm than those who do not drink coffee. Fertility of the sperm drinker coffee caused by the elements that are in caffeine. Once examined, the caffeine in coffee has assessed the ability to increase speed of swimming sperm cells.

Negative side, serious coffee drinker will experience chronic fear, anxiety, and irritability. Very large dose of coffee or equivalent to ten cups of thick coffee drunk in succession, resulting in toxic effects, ie vomiting, fever, cold, and experienced mental confusion

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