Friday, August 21, 2009

Knew Diabetes

Diabetes or was acknowledged as diabetes mellitus (DM) was the chronic illness that was marked by the level of blood sugar exceeded the normal value (hiperglikemia). This condition emerged especially being caused by the existence of the disturbance in carbohydrate metabolism (sugar) in the body. The disturbance of this metabolism was in part caused by the existence of the disturbance of the function of the insulin hormone in the body. To the sufferer DM, the disturbance of the function of the insulin hormone, will cause also the disturbance in fat metabolism, that was marked by the increase the level of several of the descendants's substances of fat like trigliserida and cholesterol. The increase trigliserida and cholesterol was resulting from the decline in the solution to fat that happened because of the decline in the activity of enzymes of fat breakers, that his work was influenced by insulin.

Therefore, the condition hiperglikemia that happened over a long period will cause the change in the function and body metabolism, including fat metabolism. These changes could cause network damage, and this network damage that will cause complications. In the meantime the chronic complication DM was the main risk factor of the coronary heart disease emergence, the obstruction of blood vessels, serebro-vascular (stroke), failed the kidney, the disturbance of the sight, et cetera. Because of that if being allowed to be not controlled, DM could cause the illness or other complications that could result in fatal. Various results of the research showed that the increase trigliserida was the risk factor of the independent who was strong for the coronary heart disease, and to the increase woman trigliserida had a correlation with the increase in the risk of the coronary heart disease of reaching 30 percent.

The sufferer DM might not be frightened because of the risk of the complication emergence diabetik could be anticipated with the road to control and control the level of blood sugar in the long term. The control of the level of blood sugar tightly will improve also the level of trigliserida and cholesterol to the sufferer DM so as the risk factor was affected by the complication DM could be reduced.

The laboratory inspection was the important part in deal with DM, was good for found his cause, the diagnosis, the monitoring, and the early detection of the existence of the complication. The inspection of the level of blood sugar is in the normal laboratory carried out uptil now, generally only reflected the level of blood sugar for a moment, because results of the grating were really influenced by the food factor, sport, emotions, and by medicines that were drunk. The determination someone suffered DM could not be carried out only with one inspection time of the level of blood sugar. Because of that the doctor must carry out the monitoring through several times the inspection, nearby also the suggestion to arrange the pattern of eating and processing the body. Arranged the pattern of eating, moreover on the nutritionist's recommendation that was counted on in a thorough manner, to aim at managing the level of sugar and the level of blood fat in accordance with the requirement for the body. Process the body in an orderly fashion also could help unloaded the level of blood sugar because by processing the body, blood sugar could easily dimetabolisme by body cells.

In our body was gotten red blood cells that contained haemoglobin, with the main function binding/caught oxygen that really was needed the body. In the normal situation, this haemoglobin in the level of certain tied also various other substance sorts, one of them was binding glucose (blood sugar). The association between haemoglobin and this glucose was mentioned glikohemoglobin and was given by the code of HbA1C. Glikohemoglobin this was very stable in blood, so as the grating the level of HbA1C could reflect the level of sugar in blood. Because our red blood cells had the age approximately three months (120 days), then results of the grating HbA1C could reflect the level of blood sugar through to approximately two months before the inspection

Was based on this matter, the grating the level of HbA1C could be used as the indicator of the control of very good diabetes. As the picture was sent by us that is based on the Consensus DM Indonesia in 1998, thought HbA1C 4 to 5.9 percent showed the control DM went good. Today has many doctors enclosed the inspection HbA1C in his reconciliation in order to monitors the level of sugar of the patient's blood, really was controlled. The monitoring of the level of blood sugar through the inspection HbA1C more was easy to be carried out because the patient did not need the fast before the taking of blood.

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