Monday, April 20, 2009


AIDS is a disease that most frightening at the moment. HIV, the virus that causes this disease, damage the body's defense system (immune system), so that those who suffer the disease's ability to defend himself from attacks of disease to be reduced. Someone who contract HIV positive, not contract AIDS. Many cases where someone contract HIV positive, but do not become ill for long periods. However, HIV in the body will continue to damage the immune system. As a result, viruses, fungi and bacteria that usually do not become dangerous very dangerous because the body's immune system damage

Until now, hear the words HIV / AIDS scourge as the chilling. In fact, if understood in a logical, HIV / AIDS can easily be avoided. How is it?

Prevalence of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia has been moving at a pace very worrying. In the year 1987, cases of HIV / AIDS is found for the first time only on the island of Bali. While the current (2007), almost all provinces in Indonesia have discovered cases of HIV / AIDS.

HIV is a virus with the genetic material is RNA (ribonukleat acid), which wrapped by a matrix which consists of most of the protein. To grow, the genetic material is necessary to turn into DNA (acid deoksiribonukleat), integrated into the DNA wet nurse, and a process that will eventually result in protein. Protein-protein produced will then form a new virus

More than 80% of HIV infection suffered by productive age groups, especially men, but the proportion of women with HIV tend to increase. Infection in infants and children, 90% occurred from Mother HIV. Until a few years, an HIV does not show clinical symptoms of contracting HIV, but people can transmit it to other people. After that, AIDS began to grow and show signs

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