Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stress Symptoms in Children Under Five

In life there is need to stress that since the individual can learn how to address them early so they could continue living. Source of stress is frustrating (disappointment), conflict, stress or crisis. Many parents are not aware that children under five can not stress that if the well will be an impact on the development of the next. The period is a period of five gold, especially because the first 3 years at the time this happens synoptogenesis development (establishment of the relation between brain cells) is optimal, so the stimulus needs to be given the adekuat children to grow flowers.

Stress in children under five, especially often not recognized by parents, such as ill-sickly, mawkish / fussy or stamped scapegrace / undisciplined whim when lakunya not in accordance with the norms or rules. So need to stress on the introduction since early childhood, so it can be, because if the deal will affect the correct development of the next child of the soul.

Manifestation Stress on Children
  • Pernickety, fear, always want to hug the mother
  • Delayed speech
  • Problem eating
  • Problem behavior: temper tantrum, sadistik, the attitude
  • Enuresis
  • Enkoporesis

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