Thursday, August 13, 2009

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of green tea as if nothing utmost to be discussed. Why? Because it uses so many tasty tea that is drunk without sugar. A benefit, such as lowering blood pressure, strong antioxidants to prevent cancer.
The reason for that is enough for us to put green tea in the top list of the types of beverages must be consumed every day. Other benefits?

Maintain skin health

Either your hand chipped, burnt? Seduh just green tea, enter and use a cotton pad on the injured area. Tea is a natural antiseptic that ease itchiness and swelling. When pimple grow as a burn or skin or eye bag, as soon as possible using green tea to dye solutions. Not only that, in laboratory, green tea helps prevent sun yag can trigger cancer, whether with a drink or applied directly to skin. If applied directly to the skin, green tea can act as a moisturizer and sun screen. Then, select moisturizer that contains green tea for the beauty and skin beauty.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Some polifenol, are powerful antioxidants found in green tea, it seems useful to prevent cancer cells proliferate in the body with growth and how to prevent the occurrence of new blood vessel tumor that needed to grow. Studying for the studies show that people who drink green tea regularly succeeded in reducing the risk of occurrence of breast cancer, stomach, throat, or kolon and prostat.

Stabilize blood pressure

With the blood vessel that protected health, namely in the range of 120/80, is very valuable for us. Explore how this level can be achieved is the "homework" for us. How simple? Try to drink half a cup of green tea per day seems to avoid high blood pressure by 50% compared to those who did not consume green tea. Thank you once again to polifenol (also known as ECGC). Compound in the tea helps to keep the risk of blood vessel contraction and increased blood pressure.

Maintain retention

Green tea also helps to keep the brain remembers, aka senility is not easy. Diligent parents who drink tea for at least two cups a day appears to have less so than the cognitive problems that they do not like tea. Sekal8i again this is linked to the womb antioxidants in tea to fight free radicals that damage the nerves of the brain as in the cases of Alzheimer and Parkinson.


Who did not want ageless? The key is on the arterial. The ageless and arterial increasingly healthy, it will be more healthy and also our bodies young. So hoarding prevent plaque on arterial walls, which is the risk of heart attack and stroke in order to age longer. How much green tea is needed for this? As much 10 oz per day, which is also useful to prevent the hoarding of fat body, and cholesterol.

Lose weight

Nah, this is probably the most expected. Drinking green tea regularly and as a bonus is a svelte body still captivating, because the role accelerating the process of burning calories in the body.

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