Monday, August 3, 2009

Athletes Must younger frequently Quick View

Development of athlete's early and often included in the event an athlete will make a West Java increasingly ripe for the championship multievent as the National Sports Week. Therefore, athletes are expected early experience can have a championship atmosphere, so that from the mental and the better technique

Said Chairman of the General KONI West Java, human rights Ruslan time to open the Regional Championship Climbing KONI Jabar Cup II/2009 Climbing Wall in the Field Tegar Beriman, Kab. Bogor, Wednesday.
It is said Ruslan, when this potential is still young athlete rarely took a lot of competition because of funding constraints begin to be in doubt from the branches of sports (cabor) to send a young athlete. However, in future, this can be observed that.
In connection with this kejurda, Ruslan hopes, will show young athletes who could potentially take on the name Jabar Climbing Pon XVIII in 2012 in Riau.
Ruslan who accompanied the Head of Office for Youth and Sports Jabar, Amung Ma`mun assert, the championship crown-core athletes will continue to search for runs, so that the regeneration has Jabar athletes. "Development must be sustainable. I hope pengcab-pengcab in the region continue to develop athletes and meracik correctly, so that when the championship, Jabar athlete does not seek trouble," said Ruslan.
This senada said Amung. According to him, of the athlete must continue to be run in accordance with the theme koni Jabar mengusung "Jabar Events" (entering the power core of the Indonesian national)
Meanwhile, Chairman of the General FPTI Pengda Jabar, Ihsan Budiman said, this Championship was held as the beginning of the program FPTI Management Jabar in 2009. The core of the championship itself is to find young athletes who will then be filtered to the selection team Jabar.
Ihsan expectations, rock climbing performance can be increased on Jabar Pon XVIII in Riau in 2012. "When Pon Kaltim yesterday Jabar got three gold medals, I hope in 2012 Pon in Riau, West Java performance can be increased again," said Ihsan.
Kejurda FPTI koni II/2009 Cup was followed 22 pengcab. Participants at this time to reach the 173 athletes
Secretary General FPTI Pengda Jabar, Iwan Darmawan, said choosing Kab. Bogor as a rivalry because the process of this athlete at the Regency. Bogor is a good board and climb the availability of national stages. In addition, Kab. Bogor is a previous champion kejurda in Bekasi

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