Monday, May 4, 2009

Rest for Healthy

In one day, our heart as much as 100,000 times rattle, our blood flows through the 17 million-mile arterial, vein and duct-vein. We talk as much as 4000 words, to breathe as much as 20,000 times, the large muscles, as much as 750 times, and operates 14 billion brain cells. Humans need a break.
Rest the right to bring restoration, and after the addition of power used. Sleep is an important factor in the break, during which sleep all functions of the body filled / updated again. Rest not only bed covers, but also relax, changes in activity, the pressures of work or other problems. Walking in the fresh air, playing tennis, purify my mind, everything can calm musculature. Activities carried out by someone at the time this is very tiring, people struggle / strive to work. We all need to rest against the fatigue. Studies show where after we wake up from sleep is enough, we return the brain to function very well. Achieving agreement, understanding all kinds of problems usually can be completed successfully if done in the morning than at night time. Growth hormone is important to improve the quality, size and efficiency of the brain, also increase the transportation of amino acids of blood to the brain, which allows nerve cells to muscle can continue to learn and useful. Most of the growth hormone is produced at the time we sleep with a quiet (no load).
One other important hormone that is Kortison, where the production is highest from midnight to the time in the morning (very early). Kortison play a big role in helping us face stress / pressure that we face every day, feeling tired and reduce inflammation. When people sleep late, they limit the body's ability to handle all the activities and reduce the energy and vitality in the next day.
The human body has been set in such a way where every organ have time to rest and recovery, therefore, to revive the body, we rest from all activities every day

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