Monday, May 4, 2009

Type of Stroke

Stroke is a condition that occurs when blood supply to part of the brain suddenly is interrupted. Network in the brain, lack of blood flow causes a series of bio-chemical reaction, which can devastate or kill brain cells. Death of the network can cause a loss of brain function that is controlled by the network. Stroke is the third cause of death in the United States and many industrialized countries in Europe (Jauch, 2005). When you can be saved, sometimes the experience of members of the body paralysis, loss of memory or some talking ability. To underscore how serious this stroke, recent years have been increasingly popular term brain attack. This term together with terms which are well known area, "heart attack". stroke occurred because the branch blood vessel is obstructed by embolism. embolism can be a cholesterol or may be air.

Stroke was divided into two types, namely ischemia and hemorrhage. In the ischemia, the flow of blood to the brain has stopped because aterosklerosis (comulation cholesterol in the blood vessel wall), or blood clot that has a clog blood vessel to the brain. Most patients or 83% of this type of experience stroke.

In the hemorrhage, broken blood vessel so that obstruct the normal flow of blood and blood leak into an area in the brain and brain damage. Almost 70 percent of cases of hemorrhage occurred in people with hypertension.

In the ischemia, stoppage could occur in the blood vessel along the arterial routes leading to the brain. Blood to the brain supplied by the two karotis Interna arteria and two arterial vertebralis. This is an arterial branch from the aorta arch heart.

A ateroma (deposition of fat) can form in the arterial blood vessel karotis causing reduced blood flow. The situation is very serious because every blood vessel arterial karotis in normal circumstances to give blood to most of the brain. Deposition of fat can also be detached from the wall and the arterial flow in the blood, and arterial clog smaller.

Arterial blood vessel arterial karotis and vertebralis and its branches can also stopped because of a blood clot originating from elsewhere, for example, from the heart valves or the other. Stroke of this kind is called embolism serebral the most frequently occurred in patients who undergo new heart surgery and heart valve patients aberration or heart rhythm disturbances (especially atrium fibrillation).

Rare cause of fat embolism strok. If the form of fat embolism of fat from the bone marrow that is released into the broken blood flow and eventually join in an arterial.

Stroke can also occur when an infection causing inflammation or constriction of the blood vessel to the brain. Drugs (eg cocaine and amfetamin) also can narrow the blood vessel in the brain and cause a stroke.

Decrease in blood pressure that suddenly can cause reduced blood flow to the brain, which usually cause a person unconscious. Stroke can occur if blood pressure is very low weight, and prolonged. This occurs when someone has lost a lot of blood due to injury or surgery, heart attack or heart rhythm is abnormal.

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