Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Nutrition of Athletes

Development of sporting achievement requires long and continuous process. Best achievement in addition to an athlete is determined by factors that exist in the athlete's self, that is, physical ability, mental aspect, skills, tactics, talent and others are also the accuracy of the exercise program, health maintenance, the provision of food and nutrition for athletes.
Entering the intensive training of all athletes are expected to have optimal physical condition. However, due to differences in the background, among others, physical condition / nutritional status has not been optimal.
Nutrition during the period of performance is:
  • Provision of food that meets the needs of energy and nutrient substances in accordance with body size, activity, exercise program of any type of sport
  • Cope with special cases that are found during the development and have regard to the nutrition
  • Provides nutrition consultation and education either formal or informal to the athlete or official and the manager of food for athletes.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the status of athletes, and organize the implementation of food for athletes.

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