Monday, April 27, 2009

What is Pig Flu (swine flu)

Pig Flu (swine flu) is a type of influenza A H1N1 type with sub. This type has a closeness with the sub-type H1N3 and H3N2. Sub-type H1N1 has been in the pig and the human body and rarely cause death

This disease tends to infecting in spring and winter but the cycle is a year-round.

There are many types of flu and swine flu in humans as this disease is constantly changing.

This new virus was sensitive to the oseltamifir (bird flu drug). And they say, to Emil, despite flu, called pigs, based on the search, none of the victims who have a positive history of contact with pigs

The World Health Organization, WHO, confirming that at least some cases is a version of H1N1 influenza A type that never existed.

H1N1 is the virus that causes seasonal flu in humans on a regular basis. However, the new version is different from H1N1, the virus load is typical of the genetic material found in viruses that infect humans, birds and pigs.

Flu virus has the ability to exchange genetic component to one another, and likely a new version of H1N1 is the result of the combination of various different versions of the virus that occurred in one animal source

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