Sunday, April 26, 2009

Antrax Disease? Whether Dangerous?

Anthrax disease has been known since the times of Ancient Egypt. In the year 1613, European outbreaks of the disease was recorded and about 60 thousand people killed. Anthrax disease is very frightening, anthrax can cause death, it's easy to spread, difficult to be destroyed and zoonotik (can be infectious in humans). In the year 1877, Robert Koch tried to develop bacteria for the first time. Research indicates the existence of fungi in the sporadic type of Bacillus found in animal body

This form of bacterial spore and stalk gregarious and breed in the ground. Discharge bacteria can occur in the long dry season, because cattle like dry grass to attract radical. As a result, during the Anthrax spore to survive in this land and stick on the grass, brought out and turned into vicious bacteria. Livestock body condition is poor due to lack of food and stress by the hot air temperature, also facilitate the Anthrax attacks

Cattle that fell ill Anthrax marked with a high temperature, appear restless, not eating, breathing hard, tap does not regularize the heart, and sudden death within 1-2 days. Livestock that have been dead by Anthrax can not be sliced, as anthrax bacteria spread to the land and survive in spore form for 30-50 years. Bacterium Bacillus anthracis is not dead when boiled in hot water 100 ° Celsius

Infection in humans can occur due to consume meat that has been exposed to the bacteria, the contact with the slapdash sick animals that are exposed to Anthrax or soil containing the bacteria. Anthrax bacteria can enter the body through the skin, lungs or alimentary tract. Common symptoms of Anthrax attacks in the form of human wound black, that the longer the red, shaped ulcer or sore in the skin, also have respiratory halusination bad and disturbed

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