Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Indonesia Government Efforts to Prevent The Spread of Swine Flu

Swine flu epidemic now becoming a serious attention by all countries in the world, because the potential for this virus more dangerous of the bird flu. Disease outbreaks begin to be in mexico and have been found in some United States. In the United States has found that a positive student infected swine flu, so the United States government to forbid citizens to Mexico, or vice versa.

Swine flu is also becoming a concern for some countries, one of which is Indonesia. Government Indonesia apply first to the standby level swine flu, one of the government's efforts to prevent the spread Indonesia is cut in the defense access to enter the country. not only that, the government of Indonesia also use the tool scan the body temperature in the international airport.

However, the use of scanner tool temperature is still less than the maximum. to obtain a good tools is required the cost is very expensive, therefore, The government of indonesia using existing equipment and tighten the defense and comb every item that was brought by the newcomers

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