Monday, April 20, 2009

Causes Hypertension

There are two types of hypertension: primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Hypertension is a condition that is far more frequently and covers 95% of hypertension. Causes of hypertension are major factors, namely, there are several factors that effects the combination hypertension. In the secondary hypertension (secondary Hypertension), which covers 5% of hypertension, hypertension is secondary to (caused by) a difference in one specific organ or body system.
The use of drugs such as the cortison some drugs and hormones, including several inflammation drug prevention (prevention-inflammasi) continuously (often) can increase blood pressure someone. Smoking is also one of the factors cause increased occurrence of high blood pressure due to tobacco that contains nicotine. Beverages that contain alcohol as one of the factors that may cause the occurrence of high blood pressure
Some 90% of cases the cause is not known. But can also result secondary heart disease / kidney, diabetes, tumor, or from the adrenal gland, drugs, and pregnancy

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