Sunday, April 26, 2009


Anthrax is a disease of animals that can spread to humans and are acute. The causes are the bacteria Bacillus anthracis. According to drh Suprodjo Hardjo Utomo MS APU, these bacteria are aerob, require oxygen to live. Free bacteria in the natural form is a spore-resistant decades in the soil and can be a source of transmission in animals and humans. Case in Bogor happens because sporidium brought floods. Contagious animal feed due to spore attached to the plant is eaten. Animals that died due to Anthrax must be directly buried or burned, should not be injured so that bacteria does not spread.

Infection in humans can be through direct contact spore in the soil, plants, animals and materials from the illness (skin, flesh, bones or blood). Consumption of animal products that contain Anthrax or through air that contains the spore, for example, the factory workers in wool or animal skin. Because there are four types of Anthrax, Anthrax skin, digestive / intestinal Anthrax, Anthrax respiratory and brain. Anthrax occurs when the brain involved bacteria enter the blood to the brain.

Anthrax skin incubation period of approximately two to five days. At first the skin itch, and if broken blister that forms a black scab in the middle. Swelling around the scab and pain.
Anthrax enter the body in 24 hours appear to have mark of a fever. Nausea, vomiting blood on the Anthrax intestine, cough, shortness of breath on Anthrax tuberculosis, headache and convulsions on the brain Anthrax. If not promptly treated can die within a day or two. However there is medicine already, ie, penicillin and derivatnya. Because each health have been trained to handle, the patient should immediately be brought to the health clinic or hospital.
To prevent contracting Anthrax is recommended to buy the meat from the abattoir official, cooking the meat cooked to kill germs, and wash hands before eating.

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