Friday, April 24, 2009

Acute Respiratory Tract Infection

Diseases and infections are still less nutrition, including the causes of mortality (infants under five years old) in Indonesia. Infant mortality (akb) at this time it is still high: 52 per 1,000 live births in a year. If compared to 1970 reaching akb 145, number 52 is clearly much decreases. His decline was obtained from the government's immunization program to a baby under five years old, free of charge in health since 1977. The program covers immunization BCG (anti-tuberculosis), tetanus, polio, measles, dipteri (anti-channel respiratory infection), pertussis (anti-whooping cough), and hepatitis B, and supported the provision of adequate nutrition, such as breast milk, food bervitamin and fruits.
Acute respiratory tract infection as one of the major baby murderer and five in Indonesia. Of course it refers to the results of the ISPA International Conference in Canberra, Australia, in July 1997, found that four and five million babies in developing countries die each year due to acute respiratory tract infection. At the end of 2000, estimated mortality due to pneumonia as the main cause of acute respiratory tract infection in Indonesia for five cases among 1000 infants / five. That is, lead to pneumonia or 150 thousand infants under five die each year, or 12,500 victims per month, or 416 cases a day, or 17 children per hour, or a baby every five minutes
In 1995, the survey of households reported health, the proportion of infant deaths due to respiratory system disease reached 32.1 percent, while 38.8 percent in five years. From that fact, and the Indonesian government is targeting a decrease in mortality due to pneumonia five to 33 percent in 1994-1999, according to the agreement Declaration of the World Summit for Children on 30 September 1999 in New York, USA. Meanwhile, according to the National Development Program (Propenas) health, death rate of five per thousand, in 2000 will be downgraded to three per thousand at the end of 2005
By the end of 2001, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara record acute respiratory tract infection as a disease that affects most people: 206,144 people. Meanwhile, people Pneumenia reached 41,865 people. Jakarta itself also notes acute respiratory tract infection as a disease that most often affects people: 1997 (784.354 people), 1998 (827.407 people) and 1999 (1.023.801 people). High level of acute respiratory tract infections in Jakarta, is associated with the high -70 percent of pollution comes from motor vehicles

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