Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hepatitis is a disease that includes any type of the liver, the result of complex process that occurs when the liver suffers an injury. doctor call the inflammation that lasts less than six month acute hepatitis and inflammation that lasts longer than six month chronic hepatitis. While there are many causes of liver inflammation, clinical divide them into two main categories: viral and non-infectious hepatitis

Viral Hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is a liver disease that is caused by exposure to one of the five hepatitis viruses. Each virus named after a letter of the alphabet, hepatitis A through E. Though other viruses can cause hepatitis, only the five are considered hepatitis viruses.
Each of five hepatotropic viruses are alike in many ways. They all infect the cells of the liver causing inflammation. Depending on which virus ix causing trouble, there is often an acute illness that produces similar signs an symptoms. However, to better requires knowing how they differ click here

Non-Infectious Hepatitis
Not all causes of hepatitis are infectious. Chemical such as alcohol or medication can be harmful to the liver and can cause inflammation. In addition, other health problems like genetic and metabolic disorder, immune-related injury an obesity, can damage the liver and lead inflammation, since these types of hepatitis cannot speard from one person to another, clinicians call it non-infectious hepatitis.

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