Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heart Disease

BY PASS OPERATION quite effective for people with coronary heart. Unfortunately, not all patients can do. Some alternatives such as drug therapy, meditation, yoga, and khelasi could be the solution.
There are a variety of heart disease, the congenital heart, heart valves rheumatism, heart kardiomyopati, and coronary

Among other diseases, Coronary heart is the number one killer for both men and women. According to data from the American Heart Association in 1996, 13.5 million of the world population suffering Coronary heart and 1.5 million have heart attacks.Coronary heart disease was ranked first.
However, many patients with the condition also ugly heart surgery still is not. Some patients who are in Dr.. Dedi prefer therapy with the drug. In fact, this therapy often feels tedious because of the medicine should be drunk every day routine.
At least seven types of drugs available for heart disease, depending on each case. Drugs antiangina (nitrate, beta blocker, calcium channel blockers) are useful for reducing the oxygen consumption of heart muscle and increase coronary blood flow with the blood vessel stretch.
There are drugs that act as diuretik, to increase the expenditure of salt and water through urin. Thus, reducing the amount of fluid in the circulation as well as lower blood pressure.
There is also the so-called drug-drug digitalis, which is functioning as penambah strength of heart muscle contraction, thus improving the ability of the heart. Although there are special drugs that slow the heart rate function (antiaritmia), digitalis drugs are often used for this antiaritmia
Most important therapy that must be heart patients, according to Dr. Dedi, is always tawakal accept the situation. "Do not stress. So I always joke with the patient, "he said, before the patient was sitting in line
Many people are often difficult to give his life, difficult to accept the situation, including the pain, although it caused the error itself
In fact, the brain receives a signal that we are in stress, to improve the system simpatetik running. As a result, stress hormones and adrenalin increase. Lever release sugar and fat in the blood to increase the fuel, respiratory ago to be fast so that the amount of oxygen increases. Itself on the heart work faster. Blood pressure also increased. This condition is dangerous for heart patients
Stress is one of the factors to be the emergence of heart disease risk. That's why when the stress is managed well will improve the working heart. This therapy is simple, but the very means to extend life expectancy for people with heart.

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