Saturday, January 8, 2011

Diet Plans to Lose Weight - Portion Control

Control portion of the diet is free and includes two important things:

  • The amount of food (in the form of calories)
  • Variety
The practice portion control every day not only helps the weight, but also teach you how to keep weight.

Breakfast and lunch are designed to be easy to set up meals for the food groups and portions of the foundation, during dinner and snacks based on total calories. So, regardless of how your meals and snacks that are guaranteed all the daily requirements for vitamins, minerals and fiber to meet without unnecessary calories to change.

These five tips will help keep you on the road to weight loss in 2011:

  1. Start with a concrete plan each week, you decide to switch plans or find your self in a situation that can change your food, but to continue with a plan to keep track of your eating habits that ultimately helps to drop weight.
  2. Keep your food diary will teach you to eat for your body's real hunger.
  3. Use your Hand as a Portion Guide As a rule f thumb, portions of protein should not be larger than your palm while starchy foods such as pasta or rice should be measured by one fist
  4. Eat More Often Eating smaller portions more frequently not only boosts your metabolism but it will also help you feel more satisfied throughout the day because you are eating every couple of hours.
  5. DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP Guilt will not help you lose weight. If you over-eat or "fall off" your plan, don't panic - start over immediately. Long-term consistency will ultimately help you reach the size you want.

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