Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anticipate the risk, use Insurance

Risk, not only in investment. See, floods now, making many miserable, from the loss of property and even lives. What can I say, floods have occurred anyway. However, risks include the risk of flooding - not unusual disiasati. At least, that risk can be transferred to another party. Box, Do not be surprised, if there are some circles that despite the loss of property, ranging from cars to home furnishings, seemed calm and steady. These circles may have moved risk to the insurance company. So, insurance companies who will bear the risks experienced by this community.

Insurance program, in fact not new. Many people understand, insurance as financial institutions, risk managers, it is necessary existence. However, awareness to follow the insurance program is not owned by everyone. Usually, after the disaster, the people realize that insurance is important. However, there was no word late. So that the same risk does not happen again, or you are not a good idea to consider their own responsibility to follow the insurance program.

By following insurance programs means that you have transferred the risk to other parties. To risk being transferred then you must pay the premium depends on the amount of risk transferred and who want the benefits obtained. In practice, various kinds of insurance. However, in this paper only discussed one type of insurance, ie health insurance, while life insurance and general insurance, please visit here and here. then, what aspects should be considered in selecting an insurance program.


Before determining what insurance is selected, the first step should be done is to determine the need. Of the three types of insurance above, determine the level of preference in accordance with your condition. In general, in developed countries the first priority is to follow the health insurance. The reason is, because if you get sick, the cost could be many. Even if you work at a company and the company is providing facilities of health costs, its value may not suit your needs. Especially if you have a certain lifestyle. If you experience any hospitalization, for example, maybe you want to be treated with first-class facilities, whereas facilities given the company only a second-class facilities. To get around, you can follow the health insurance program, which benefits tailored to your needs.

In reality, most people simply did not have any health care facility. So when sick, all costs must be borne alone. For people like this, of course health insurance is an absolute thing, because no one knows when the risk of illness to come, even if you maintain good health. Therefore, health insurance can be considered to own.

The question is, what kind of health insurance are eligible to choose? Currently, other than a direct quote from health insurance companies, quite a number of health insurance offered through the organizers credit card (issuer). So, the card holder is offered "benefit" from health insurance and the premiums charged to the card holder directly via credit card.

There is nothing wrong with bidding pattern like that, but you must look at what benefits the company provided insurance. Then, if the insurance company that works with credit card issuers are enough bona fide and has experience. Do not get, when you get sick and make a claim, it turns out the process even more difficult.

So, to choose the health insurance companies, at least there are two things that should be noticed, namely bonafides and track record, then the benefits offered compared to the premiums charged to you. In addition, you also must consider that the hospital became a partner with the company's health insurance. More and more hospitals become partners, the larger is the bona fide insurance company. There is no point you have health insurance if it is hospital near your home - for example - have no cooperation with health insurance you have.

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