Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sports Injury

Sports injury is an occurrence that is the fear by coach and athlete, injuries can occur due to trauma or acute trauma that occurs repeatedly in a long time.

Factors that increase the risk of sports injuries:

The athletes
  • Age, affect the strength and duration of injury healing network.
  • Characteristics of athletes
  • Experience
  • Phase training
  • Techniques
  • Warming Up
Training Facilities and Equipment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Protective / security
Characteristics of Sport

Type of Injury
Injuries due to the influence from the outside (ekstrinsic factors)
For example, tackling or collision, jolt or bump, the ugly field.

Injury due to the influence of the (intrinsic factors)
For example, body postures that are less good, exercise is one of movement, muscle weakness, which does not physically fit, athlete safety procedures that are less secure and muscle or ligament excessive (overuse)

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