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Cholesterol is actually one component of fat. As we know, fat is one of the vitamin that is needed by our bodies in addition to other nutritional substances such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals.

What happens in the body?

Fat is one energy source that provides the most high-calorie. Besides as a source of energy, actually fat or cholesterol in particular is the substance that is needed by our bodies to form the walls, especially cells in the body. Cholesterol is also the base material forming steroid hormones. But when excess cholesterol in the body will be buried in the wall of blood vessel and cause a condition called aterosklerosis constriction or blood vessel stiffening. This condition is the embryo of the occurrence of heart disease and stroke.
Cholesterol that we need to, normally produced by the body in the exact amount. But it can be increased because the amount of food that comes from external animal fat, eggs, and referred to as junkfood.
Elements of fat in the blood is made up of cholesterol, trigliserida, fosfolipid and free fatty acid. Only a quarter of the cholesterol in the blood comes directly from the alimentary tract is absorbed from food, the rest is the result of the body's own production by liver cells.

Fat is in food that will be described cholesterol, trigliserida, fosfolipid and free fatty acid when digested in the gut. The four elements of this fat will be absorbed from the intestine and into the blood. Cholesterol and other elements of fat does not dissolve in blood. To be able to be carried in the bloodstream, cholesterol, together with other fat-fat (trigliserida and fosfolipid) must be related to the protein to form a soluble compound and called lipoprotein.

Kilomikron is liprotein who carry fat to the liver. In liver, fat ties will be described so that the re-form the fourth element of fat, and fatty acid that will be used as a source of energy or when the excess amount will be stored in a network of fat. Feed when the cholesterol is not sufficient, the cells will make the hearts of production. From the heart, cholesterol transported by a lipoprotein called LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) to be brought to the cells that require the body to the cells, including heart muscle, brain and others in order to function properly.
Excess cholesterol will be transported back by lipoprotein called HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) to take to heart the next explained ago to be thrown in the gall bladder as an acid (liquid) bile.

LDL contains more fat than LDL, so it will float in the blood. Main protein that is formed LDL-apo B (apolipoprotein-B). LDL is considered as the fat is "bad" because it can cause penempelan cholesterol in blood vessel walls. Instead HDL is called the fat is good because it is in operation to clean the excess cholesterol from the blood vessel wall with the haul back to the heart. Main protein that is formed HDL-apo A (apolipoprotein). HDL has a uterus less fat and have high density or weig

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