Saturday, April 18, 2009

Causes of Stress

The life of the present globalization is marked with various things. Information about various things and quickly spread to all over the world with the availability of faster means of communication that does not recognize boundaries and statesman. All this indeed is a positive for the progress of world civilization, but also difficult negative impact avoided by people who have access to the world of information.

Ironically, the solid content of the information is not only affecting the people living in each place. Sometimes the information is also available to provide pressures of life for anyone who is in the midst. Such things is what we know as the causes of stress in the new millennium. For example, easily can be itemized as follows:

  • The economic crisis in some countries (especially in most Asian countries)
  • Racial problem (oppression by a race against the other race), as recent events in Kosovo.
  • Sexual crimes in groups (mass rape) and sexual harassment actions.
  • Changes in the environment (ecology), which occurs rapidly due to wars, natural disasters, development, and other.
  • Political upheaval in many parts of the world.
  • Social tensions, conflicts between ethnic, inter-religious conflict, conflict between groups, and others.
  • Behavior of the military in some countries in the world.
All incidents of this kind bring consequences for human life. This is true, especially when we talk about things that really touches the life of the local directly: need a new place, loss of family members, separation, difficulties to find a job, a sudden fall in the poor, fear, panic, and so forth. Not if we review the impacts of this kind of health (physical and mental trauma). Overall it is not much different from the problem-a problem already exists, but changes in time directly or indirectly have the effect of the compound causes stress that we are discussing here.

Relationships among people require changes in attitudes, life strategies, and so forth. What is suspicious behavior can be reduced? Or, if people should be more suspicious?

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