Friday, April 3, 2009

The joys (and hilarious fumbles) of sex

Editor's note : In real life, sex is mind-blowing, hilarious and erotic in the most unexpected ways. " BEhind the bedroom door," a new essay collection edited by SELF's very own articles director, Paula Derrow, give us an all-acces tour of the inner sanctum of everyday (and every-way) sex. Wether you're a spicy seductress or a plain-vanilla kind of gal, this peek between the covers of the season'shottest book will leave you laughing, sighing and beggining for more!

Woody Allen once said sex and humor don't mix. Apologies to Mr. Allen, but sex and comedy most difenttely do together. It's damn near impossible to wrench them apart. For starters, just look at the penis. The shiney bald head, the squat shape, the way it jerks around like a puppet on staring. How did the first sentient chimp-woman hybrid keep from snackering at the sight of it? when my 8 years old daughter saw a penis for the first time, she turned to my wife and me and asked, "is that what it really looks like?" we told her it was. And then she brust into a great guffaw of little girl laughter.

Think of the funniest sound in the world. A fart? A burp? Slurp? Squish? If you don't make at least three of those noises during sex. You're not doing it right. How about the silliest positions you could get youreself into? Ankles around like cat? on your palms and rear in the air like a camel? now you see my point: sex is universally the stuff of comedy.

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