Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A rope navel healer is healing

When you read the literature that exists, even among experts since 1988 has been to find methods of treatment are considered to be very effective, that is, using the parent cell (the cell nucleus) that there is a lot of blood on the ropes in the navel (belt center).

Must be recognized, in its development so far, this treatment method can be said is less popular. What, so that treatment can be successful in maximum, should use the parent cells that come from the navel of rope. In fact it also not an easy task. Nearly no one in this Jagat has a habit of saving rope navel, especially in the situation is still fresh. Know, often, parents will "remove" strap navel children, some time after the newborn baby was born.

For each peminat, in the first year, they had to grope Sin pocket of $ 2,000 (about Rp 12.6 million). After that, the rent will be charged each year is Sin $ 250 (about Rp 1.2 million). CordLife services offered under the contract is valid for 21 years. After that, can be extended again.

No exception for the peminat existing in this country. Since July, in cooperation with Kalbe Farma, CordLife open similar services in the area Pulomas, Jakarta. This business partnership with a flag waver CordLife Indonesia. "Our presence here to make it easier for the people of Indonesia," said Wirya Tantra, General Manager of CordLife Indonesia.

Interestingly, in comparison with that in Singapore, service charges, which are relatively cheaper. The cost for the first year "only" Rp 9.5 million, and annual cost to Rp 1.5 million. Bank that was built with the investment of funds, perhaps, reach more than Rp 162 billion is designed to accommodate as many as 30 thousand bags of blood center strap. "Until now there have been 100 samples that are stored here," said Wirya.

See the enthusiasm among peminat classified high, seems to strive in this sector is quite promising. In addition the potential market is huge. See the birth of numbers, from an average of 1000 people in this country, is almost about 22 of them are babies the new birth. While in Singapore, with the same ratio, the birth, only about 16 per mile.

Furthermore, the level of awareness of the importance of public health, trends also felt the high. Many things that are indeed the cause. Besides level of education and purchasing power, increasing awareness of the community, may also be triggered by a concern to be new outbreaks of various diseases. For this last problem, see the note on the International CordLife until this year. At least, has found about 80 new types of disease, which Ironically, most drugs have not yet bidder disease. Now, with the treatment method that utilizes parent cell is expected to be muted concerns that.

Apart from the blood in the belly strap, parent cells can also be obtained from the spinal marrow. The way that this last has a high risk. Furthermore, The process tends to harm the patient. Meanwhile, the parent cells of the central belt, is far more secure. Often after the baby is born. The team with the doctor-of course-specific equipment will soon be taking blood (about 22 cc) in the central belt, and then stored in a sterile bag. In the blood that can be obtained about 800 million cell parent.

The next process is to check the condition of blood in the laboratory. When the seedlings have tercemar by disease (such as hepatitis or AIDS), this blood will not be saved. Conversely, when teruji sterile conditions, with a particular technology, a team of experts will separate the blood cells and blood plasma, so the remaining liquid containing living cells nucleus.

The whole process lasted for 48 minutes, until liquid is stored in the parent cell space preservation that has a temperature in the minus 196 degrees celsius. During the storage, monitoring will be conducted periodically to determine the condition of parent cells.

Utilizing services Cord Blood Bank, can be spelled out, almost similar to the health insurance program. This means, at any time if needed, the benefits can be immediately used. Based on experience during this treatment method that utilizes parent cells are able to heal about 88 types of disease, such as cancer, damage to the spinal marrow, blood on the deviation, and diseases associated with the body's metabolic aberration. Next, the method is tested against the property for stroke disease, liver, diabetes, heart and injury to the spine.

More terrible, this treatment method is not only effective to treat diseases suffered by the owner, can also be used to cure diseases that diidap by siblings and both parents. Tolerable level of effectiveness is high. When used by siblings, for example, rasionya can reach 75%. While the ratio for both parents to reach 50%. Of course, the level of effectiveness that can be achieved when the parent cell transplants have a matching blood type and structure of genes.

In fact, this method of treatment is done with the parent cell graft to the damaged organ. Are appropriate, parent cells will grow new cells formed. Should, transplants that are tailored to the body weight of the patient, ideally every kilogram of body weight required 15 to 20 million cell parent. For example, people who weight 30 kg, should the parent cells of the transplant of 450 million cells.

The problem now, if used frequently, will undoubtedly reduce, and even the parent cell deposits on the Cord Blood Bank. Yet, that are stored in the volume there is very limited. Despite that, we need not worry. With current medical technology, the main cell population that is in the bank can be improved even more.

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