Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Physicaly Fitness

Everybody wants to have a better body or a physically fit body cause having a better body can really affects our health and the way we live. Here are some better body quick tip, to get you started and get more for less.

  1. Physical activity need not to be fancy. It can be as simple as gardening, walking the dog, doing housework, or strolling around the mall. Join a local fitness canter where you can develop a regular exercise routine, and enjoy meeting new people as well.
  2. Exercise works on our cardiovascular strength, muscle endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, and body composition. You'll need a combination of exercises to work on all these components, not just one.
  3. If just starting an exercise program, do your workouts late afternoon or early evening, when muscles and joints are most flexible. You'll cut the risk of injury and of possible heart problems. Once you've gained strength and fitness, pick any convenient time.
  4. It is safe to work out when you have a cold? Yes! light exercise is OK if symptoms are limited to above your neck.
  5. See a doctor first before you start running. Running may be risky to those with heart problems and hypertension. Also, it's not recommended to people prone to sprains.
  6. If you have a pain in the ball of your foot, choose a shoe with stiff, thick sole. If the shoe is too flexible, you'll put pressure on your forefoot every time you take a step.
  7. Want more energy? Take 10 deep breaths every morning, pushing your stomach out as you breathe in. Repeat in the evening. You'll increase lung capacity (and relieve stress)

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