Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Are Most Common Lung Cancer Causes?

All these reasons that the causes of lung cancer known. There are many causes of lung cancer in numbers, but it is very difficult to say in less time with serious detail. Here in the coming topics some very important, common and major causes of cancer are explained in a handsome detail, which guide us very nicely and properly in our health matter.

Details about Causes of Lung Cancer are as under;

Environment and its Smoke:-

The most serious problem that cancer can exists in the human body is caused by environmental stresses, which surround us very badly. In our area there are a number of pollution of the environment polluted and effective health things to help cancer spread rapidly expanding. Smoke in the atmosphere caused by the transport, output from the factories, chemical burns and the burning of garbage, mixed with fresh oxygen and is healthy for the most polluted air we breathe. If mixed air dirty and ugly by using the mouth and the lymphatic system, which directly affects our lungs with a great loss. It affects the lungs continuously and with the passage of time our lungs are caught with cancer. So in this way cancer in our lungs begins to spread and develop, which is predicted latter in our body by our Blood Testing Reports, X-ray and CT scan.

Cigarette's Smoke:-

Lung cancer causes

It is quite clear that the smoke is the leading cause of cancer, so that out of the smoke that is created during the process of smoking the failure and the collapse of the lung work and efficiency. It is observed after a series of cancer's survey that, about 70% cancer in the people causes due to the cigarettes, which is rapidly increasing day by day. As much the cigarettes will be smoked, so much the possibility of lung cancer increases in the human's body. Hence it is not bad to say that, cancer depends upon the smoking directly.

Lung Diseases and Cancer Transformation:-

A number of people who have suffered so many illnesses or disease that can convert the latter on the symptoms of lung cancer. It is happened due to the regular dosing and high quality of treatment, after which the lung's diseases become much serious and adopt the disease lung cancer. Sometimes the cancer is transferred from parents to the kids, as by nursing the little babies and blood transformation.

Asbestos (Minerals Decomposition):-

The animals, trees and other living things, buried thousand of years ago, when are decomposed naturally, an irritate smell and a lot of dangerous particles fly and mix in the air, from where these enter in our body through breathing. These poisoned particles attack our lungs directly and cause cancer.

Radon and Poisoned Gasses:-

A number of poisoned gasses are emitted from the air conditioners and some other sources, which are mostly order less, tasteless and also invisible. These poisoned gasses invade the human's body through breathing in the lungs and affect the lungs seriously. These poisoned gasses cause cancer very soon by damaging the healthy cells and tissues. A similar gas, named as Radon affects the human's body in very short time and 80% causes lung cancer in human. In this way cancer develops and spreads quite sharply in the body.

I hope this post will help in better understanding of different causes of lung cancer

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