Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tips on choosing a good Insurance

Insurance has become a principal requirement of human life, especially in Large Cities Worldwide.

There are many different insurance products are marketed, namely:

Insurance for Car, Health, Property, Houses, Accidents, Transportation, Pension Fund, Education Fund and others. These insurance products are all important, but what are our priorities today.

Insurance Company in the World are also counted more than 150 companies. So where's a good company with good quality products with competitive premiums.

Tips on choosing a good Insurance:

1. Insurance Needs

Home & Car is a Tangible Asset of the most important. Each person must think our own house and car. So you are insured with Home and Car Insurance protection.

Intangible Asset Health is the most important. Does it mean that a lot of money but not healthy, we certainly choose Healthy and Lots of Money as well. Health is expensive, especially for the treatment of serious illness such as Heart, Cancer, stroke, avian flu, etc.. Adequate Health Insurance Costs guarantee limit treatment to the doctor / hospital, surgery, hospitalization, laboratory, etc.
2. Cheap premiums, but have the quality

Many insurance products are offered with various advantages and various promotions. But do we know which products are in accordance with the premiums are cheap but good quality, especially in the service of the claim payment.
3. Healthy Insurance Company in the Capital

Did you know that insurance companies regulated by the performance of its operations by pemerinta RBC (Risk-Based Capital ratio is proportional to the Risk Capital) of at least 120% and a minimum paid up capital of USD 40 billion as of December 31, 2009 last. There are many insurance companies that do not meet this requirement. How is the company doing the shipping policy and claims are better when the provisions of this minimum is not met.
4. Network Operations and Claims Insurance Companies

In choosing a good insurance companies also need to be considered operational networks or branches of insurance companies. This is very important if there is a claim, the claims process easier. Also how the experience of people in the process claims at insurance companies, would easily and quickly.

So, Make it as our friends in the insurance business and family life. Life has not always run smoothly, so the illustrations prepared umbrella before rain or willing Bodrex at home before your headache, very suitable for illustration of the importance of insurance.

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